Mike Patrick's Speedway World.

Sadly, I have to apologise to all those who were looking forward to more editions, but unfortunately, we have had to pull the plug on what was to be a monthly speedway photo album. The good news is that there are still copies available of the first and only two issues, which in time will hopefully become collectors items. 'Mike Patrick's Speedway World issues 1 & 2' are full of great action and portraits photos. The photos featured are amongst my favourite pictures taken throughout the years, printed BIG for maximum impact. You can order direct from this site. The cost of each magazine sent inland is £5 plus 80p P&P. Please email me first for overseas rates.

Issue No 1 - May 2009

Chris Holder is our front cover man with Peter Collins featured on the double page poster. Also ncluded are photos from the very first meeting covered in 1970. Pages are devoted to Ronnie Moore, Tomasz Gollob, Hans Andersen, Stoke, Michael Lee, Bruce Penhall, Hamill and Hancock, Chris Harris, Leigh Adams, Charlie Gjedde, Per Jonsson, Classic Crashes and more.

Issue No 2 - June 2009

Lewis Bridger is on the front cover with jan O Pedersen featured on the double page poster. Amongst the riders featured in this issue are pages devoted to Tommy Jansson, Jason Crump, Egon Muller, Kenneth Bjerre, Darcy Ward, David Howe, Fredrik Lindgren, Tai Woffinden, Martin Ashby, Sam Ermolenko, Emil Sayfutdinov and more.