Sales - sizes and prices


Although the shopping cart is not operational at this time, it's still possible to purchase any photographs that are published on this website, sizes and prices are listed below. Please email me, with your requirements including the details of the photos that you require plus sizes etc. Alternatively, you could use the printable order form - click here.

VERY IMPORTANT: When ordering photos from the Archives (2000 to 2004) please give the date and details of the meeting plus the caption of the photo/s required. When ordering from the 'Hot Pix' menu to the right side of the home screen, please give the EXACT title of the picture required. This will be the third line down of the orange coloured description top left of each picture.

Please note that the minimum order value of £6 no longer applies.

Photographs can be supplied in all five popular sizes and also as poster prints.

Popular size print prices, glossy finish only. Please add £2.90p P&P to your total order :

• 6"x4" = £2.50p.
• 7"x5" = £3.50p.
• 8"x6" = £4.50p.
• 10"x8" = £5.50p.
• 12"x8" = £6.00p.

* Depending on the subject matter, some photos ordered as 8"x6" or 10"x8" sizes may be supplied narrower than ordered.
This can occur with wide action shots so that none of the picture has to be cut. To avoid 'cutoff', 12"x8" size is advisable.

Poster size print prices, matt finish only. Please add £4 P&P to your total order :

• 16"x12" = £16.00p.
• 18"x12" = £18.00p.
• 20"x14" = £26.00p.
• 20"x16" = £30.00p.
• 24"x16" = £35.00p.

'SPEEDWAY, Through The Lens of Mike Patrick'

This book contains 144 pages packed with more than three hundred photographs in stunning colour. Was £17.99p, but now only £12 inclusive of P&P.

To place an order manually for any of the above items, click here for a printable order form and fill in using BLOCK CAPITALS and post to me with the correct remittance. Cheques should be made payable to 'Mike Patrick'. If any of the photos ordered cannot be supplied, a credit note will be issued which can be used to purchase any other photos or, if preferred, for a refund. If you cannot work out the exact cost of what you want, send a cheque without writing an amount in the space provided and I will fill in the correct amount. Please write at the top of the cheque "Not to exceed......" and then put the maximum amount that you think your order should come to. I will fill in the rest when your order is completed. Please list your requirements clearly in the space provided beneath your address.

Generally, all goods will be despatched as soon as possible, but please allow up to 14 days for delivery. No stock is held in reserve, so therefore all photos and are manufactured by a highly specialised third party company.

Thank you and enjoy your speedway.

Mike Patrick